FOR the past 50 years Acromet has built an industry-wide reputation for its outstanding skill in handling difficult, aggressive chemicals in all forms.
The company’s range of magnetically-driven sealless process pumps easily meet the demands of complex chemical handling applications across a range of industries.
Acromet’s sealless pumps cover a wide range of designs, from specially lined centrifugal pumps to sliding vane and regenerative turbine pumps, to suit a wide range of applications and performance criteria.
The company’s heavy duty sealless centrifugal pumps with permanent magnet drive system meet the requirements of API.685, ISO2858, DIN24256 and Atmosphere Explosives ATEX standards.
The majority of Acromet’s sealless pump ranges are of the traditional back pull-out design, where the pump’s internals can easily be inspected and parts replaced without disconnecting system pipe work.
When required, the pumps can be easily maintained with one of the company’s quick-change impeller and inner magnet cartridge kits.
Acromet’s pump designs range in capacity from between 1 and 3500 cubic metres per hour, with discharge heads up to 140m available.
Different pump styles are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from minus 120 degrees Celsius to as high as 350 degrees Celsius.
The pumps are available in a wide range of engineered plastic materials including ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, paraformaldehyde and olyvinylidene difluoride.
Acromet’s horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps are also available in CF8M, Hastelloy C276, Incoloy 825, duplex stainless steel or titanium, with other materials available upon request.