BY delivering a highly tailored, end-to-end service covering every aspect of heavy load handling, transportation and installation, ALE
Heavylift has become a global leader in heavy lifting and transportation, with a presence in all major industrial centres around the world.
Founded in 1983 and with headquarters in the UK, ALE has more than 20 offices worldwide – including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and East Asia.
ALE has grown steadily by building long-term relationships with key customers and acquiring successful specialist companies to augment its capabilities.
ALE provides the highest service level in engineering solutions, as well as a fully integrated logistics service which combines technical superiority with rigorous international standards of safety and excellence.
The company is also committed to investing in technology, systems and equipment to ensure it remains at the forefront of the industry.
ALE’s dedicated research and development team is responsible for the company’s record-breaking AL.SK190 and AL.SK350 cranes, which have the capacity to lift up to 5000t.
With the technical knowledge to meet its customers’ needs efficiently and effectively, the company will continue to build long-term, strategic partnerships and provide a continually improving service.