ALTHOUGH the ‘square’ impact roller from Broons is a proven performer when it comes to minimising tyre damage on mine sites, its primary use has always been deep compaction. Its applications include proof-rolling sites for workshops, camps, processing plants, stockpiles and drag line erection pads.
“Improving tyre life using our ‘square’ impact roller remains a strong focus for our team, but we’ve been providing unique solutions to compaction problems on mines since we opened our doors in 1973,” Broons company director Stuart Bowes said.
“Put simply, our company has no equal when it comes to this market and we’ve completed more than 1000 projects in all corners of the world.” Between just 6 and 10 passes with the impact roller can improve density to as much as 1m, while between 30 and 40 passes can result in significant improvement of 2m or more.
This simple and productive means of improving subgrade strength without excavation offers mining companies considerable savings, both in time and money.
Towed by a tractor of between 270 and 330 horsepower, the 1.3m-wide BH-1300HD model has a 12t compactor module. The wider BH-1950MS model effectively compacts subgrade, providing a solid foundation on which to erect infrastructure and build haul roads.
Broons can tailor an equipment package to suit the needs of individual mine sites anywhere in Australia, incorporating wet or dry hire of its unique Australian designed and manufactured product range.