PROPOSED changes to the WA Mining Act will clarify environmental obligations, increase transparency for the industry and community, and remove unnecessary duplication.
WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) environmental executive director Phil Gorey said the proposed changes to the Mining Act 1978 would also help clear up environmental responsibilities.
“These amendments will increase our ability to introduce risk and outcomes-based environmental regulations,” Dr Gorey said.
“This places the onus on operators to identify and address environmental risks associated with their project.
“It will also assist industry in proactively identifying and managing environmental impacts and risks, and clarify DMP’s role in environmental regulation.”
Dr Gorey said the changes would help WA regulate the impacts of mining into the future.
“The Mining Act is functional and has been adequate up until now,” he said.
“However this proposal is about modernising environmental laws to ensure that the environment is protected, and that business is not exposed to unnecessary costs. “Importantly, these changes will mean that there is greater time spent by departmental inspectors at mine sites monitoring the environmental performance of miners, and less time trawling through unnecessary paperwork.”
The department would continue to consult with stakeholders on amendment details before they are implemented.
The consultation paper, available on the DMP website, includes information about making a submission.