AT one of Rio-Tinto’s iron ore mines in the Pilbara, a stacker-reclaimer rail had sunk, preventing access to a major part of the company’s huge stockpile. Uretek Ground Engineering was called in by the mine’s engineers to find a solution to the problem, and was able to re-support the rail and raise it back to correct levels by injecting a unique expanding resin beneath the rail footings.
These resins, engineered by Uretek, expand upon injection into the ground below footings, create a large but controllable pressure of more than 1000t per square metre.
The rail footings had lost support in five sections totalling 150m, and Uretek’s new injectable technology was able to correct the rail footing support in just five shifts, restoring access to the ore stockpiles.
Uretek can help companies save money by decreasing downtime and replacement expenses, and its injected resins present no environmental problems as they are completely inert and will not leach into ground water.
Further information can be found on the company’s website