ICONIC Australian mine site equipment manufacturer Jaws designs haul truck bodies and excavator and shovel buckets for optimum productivity.
“Three points guide us with the design of our Volumax truck bodies,” Jaws Mining Products sales and marketing director Lindsay Neven said.
“We place much importance on loose material density, angle of repose and capability of the loading equipment…not just working to a standard formula.
“Typically, with truck bodies, capacities are quoted using formulas covered in the SAE 2:1 method. Unfortunately, this measurement will vary considerably to actual Real Field Capacity.
“Thus, if a capacity is quoted at, say, 100 cubic metres using SAE 2:1, the actual carrying capacity in the real world may only be 88 cubic metres.
“These payloads are only achievable at 100 per cent fill of the body – a fill factor which causes spill onto haul roads, increasing potential damage to tyres and haul road maintenance.”
Mr Neven said that by comparison, Jaws Volumax bodies were designed to deliver the rated payload at only 90 per cent fill factor, with exact axle splits and a low centre of gravity.
Jaws has adopted a similar approach with its excavator and shovel buckets, which are engineered to achieve near-perfect match pass loading.