HAVING experienced rapid growth in the mining sector by supplying tyre applications for dump trucks, high speed cranes, loaders and graders, Double Coin has released a new heavy dumper tyre designed to service a range of clients.
The Double Coin 27.00R49 REM9 tyre range features a specialised vulcanizing process and intensified steel, guaranteeing a long life under high load.
Other features include special tread compounds for handling and mechanical performance, ensuring wear and tear resistance under adverse circumstances; special side wall and rim protection preventing accidental damage; and a
unique pattern design that provides enhanced grip and traction.
With tyre supply issues plaguing the mining sector, this new type of tyre has solved big problems for many mining organisations. Already commercially available in the US, the tyre is due to begin testing in Australia this month.
Double Coin is one of Australia’s most innovative tyre companies specialising in heavy duty equipment.
Its tyres are sold in Australia through Tyres4U, Australia’s leading independent tyre wholesaler and an ISO 9001 assured importer.
With more than 5000 employees, Double Coin is an innovative business that has increased its market share by more than 20 per cent in four years, as a result of ensuring continual improvement in product quality and research and
development, building long-term relationships that bring lasting value to customers.