GROUNDWATER consultancy Australian Groundwater Technologies (AGT) is the only company in Australia with a focus on Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR).
Established in 2000, AGT has built a team of exceptional hydrogeologists and environmental engineers who provide technical excellence and innovative solutions to a range of clients within the mining industry.
The company has more than a decade of experience in the successful investigation and completion of more than 50 MAR schemes. Schemes have been delivered in a variety of aquifer types using urban stormwater runoff, treated reclaimed wastewater and excess water produced during mine dewatering operations. Schemes range in size from as small as 30 megalitres per year recharge up to those recharging more than 800 megalitres per year.
The company is recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in the application of MAR methods that can be used to assist miners, water utilities and local government to obtain valuable water resources.
The company’s employees posses an unparalleled knowledge of all types of MAR schemes and AGT’s experience in the successful delivery of MAR schemes
enables it to reliably cost work programs.
The company knows what is required, where in a project’s lifecycle it needs to be delivered and how long it should take.
This knowledge minimises risk to its clients of costly variations for packages of work that have been poorly scoped as a result of unfamiliarity in delivering
complex schemes.
Through its associate group of independent specialists, AGT is able to bring together the best possible technical team to meet its clients’ project requirements, complementing traditional water supply sources and allowing projects to operate effectively and efficiently.