SEVERAL major mining companies will soon be trialling the new RedEye cloud-based draft management software designed by Applicate.
The first software of its type on the market, RedEye is expected to reduce the drafting workload on projects and increase drawing turnaround time.
Using RedEye, mining and energy companies can securely use a local desktop computer or mobile phone to save, access and work with technical drawing files that have been stored on a remote server.
Under current safety legislation, mining companies are required to maintain accurate engineering drawings of their physical operating environment on site.
This requires many mine sites to have a large number of marked up drawings on hand that have to be updated continually to ensure compliance.
“RedEye was designed to address this challenge [maintenance of on-site engineering drawings] by removing drafting workload from sites and guaranteeing a fast turnaround of drawings,” Applicate managing
director Mike Boyd said.
The Australian Mining Review understands that several major miners will be trialling the software. However, a spokesperson for Applicate said he was unable to disclose the companies’ names at the time of writing.


By Lorna Seatter