ACCORDING to thermoplastic engineer Dotmar, noise, weight, sharp edges, dimensional and geometrical restrictions are just a few of the potential safety, health and environmental issues that can be resolved with the implementation of Longevity, Endurance, Maintenance,
Ultimate and Resilient (LEMUR) composite impact and wear panels.
The panels are maintenance friendly and have a combination of longevity and unique physical and rebound properties.
Dual layered Polyurethane impact panels coupled with 440 grade stainless steel wear studs hardened to 65Rockwell Hardness in the ‘C’ scale, provide flexibility to resolve a myriad of bulk materials handling problems.
Dotmar has long been regarded as being at the forefront of flow promotion lining, through its supply and installation of Matrox low friction systems.
Industry has challenged Dotmar to do equally well regarding impact and wear.
While large lump and extremely high volumetric throughput may be out of reach of the current LEMUR panels, processed ore and recycled tailings are prime candidates. Combining LEMUR panels to absorb initial impact with Matrox to handle hang up and sliding abrasion is a realistic option for sticky, abrasive ores.
Compared to handling heavy steel or other hard-faced panels, installing light-weight LEMUR panels in confined spaces such as the internal surfaces of storage or transfer equipment is far easier.