AS a South Australian-based environmental solutions group focussed on resource recovery, ResourceCo provides clients with a comprehensive waste reduction and recycling program to viably meet commercial, environmental and public positioning outcomes.
ResourceCo’s flagship integrated resource recovery business operates state-of-the-art processing facilities that manufacture a range of quality recycled  materials from a number of streams.
The company also provides a range of services such as: environmentally friendly ‘green concrete’ supply; logistical support; carbon audit and abatement strategies; and end-of-life non-recyclable material disposal.
ResourceCo has been associated with many successful and environmentally sustainable mining projects around South Australia. Notably, it supplied 3300 square metres of concrete to Oxiana Mining for the bases of 400 electrical transmission towers of the high voltage transmission line that covers 120km from Olympic Dam to Prominent Hill. ResourceCo is also capable of transporting waste from regional
locations to be processed through its affiliated SITA-ResourceCo Alternative Fuel business. Material is manufactured into process engineered fuel and sold to Adelaide Brighton Cement as a fossil fuel supplement for its cement kilns.
The alternate fuel business uses waste from commercial, industrial, construction and demolition industries and recovers an incredible 95 per cent of accepted materials, with only 5 per cent going to landfill.
The company is also heavily entrenched in the production of recycled   rubble and can provide assistance, in any capacity, in managing on-site waste for clients. The Southern Waste ResourceCo joint venture is one of only few landfill sites in South Australia  capable of receiving and treating contaminated wastes that are not able to be successfully recycled or recovered for re-use in the market.