BUSINESSES needing to grow their workforce should look no further than Apprenticeships Australia (AA): the organisation produces high quality, skilled and safe individuals who can meet any organisation’s needs.
AA is a registered Group Training Organisation that provides professional apprentice and trainee recruitment and employment services.
It supports employers throughout Australia operating across a diverse range of industries and occupations, with a focus on facilitating employment, managing training and offering extensive support and advice to both companies and employees. For nearly 20 years, AA has demonstrated a track record of delivering the best outcomes for business and individuals by assisting apprentices and trainees and helping employers build skilled workforces.
Workforce development is more than simply filling a skills need: it is a comprehensive coordination of people, training and industry that ensures economic competitiveness and social inclusion.
AA has been recognised for its best practice and innovation in recruitment and selection, training programs, safety systems, human resources management and producing employment outcomes for its apprentices and trainees.
AA’s apprentice and trainee completion rates continually exceed national averages and remain one of its key competitive benefits. AA is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia.