The thought of feeding thousands of people at one time can be a daunting task. Mining camps all across Australia serve thousands of meals to hard working, hungry miners on a daily basis.
ESS (Compass Services), operates the Gorgon project on Barrow Island, 50km off the North West coast of Western Australia and is the largest catering operation currently in Australia.
The kitchen operation currently has 40 chefs working around the clock to produce three meals a day for 3,000 people. Food production of this scale requires catering equipment that is efficient and reliable, able to handle the quantity, while ensuring top quality food in minimal times.
The RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® units installed at the Barrow Island’s Gorgon project site have exceeded expectations and even helped improve service and cooking times. For example, the cooking times of roast pumpkin and sweet potato were reduced by 30 per cent after using the RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® and 100kg load of pork collar is now cooked to perfection in a mere 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Earlier this year, RATIONAL introduced the all new SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® designed to minimise kitchen management resources such as time, labour and energy. The whitefficiency® features an ultra modern touch screen control panel, with drag-and-drop menu selection, making it as easy to use a smart phone.
This new model promises 30 per cent greater load plus guaranteed food quality and 20 per cent reduction in consumption of resources compared to previous models.
The new HiDensityControl uses energy with pinpoint accuracy. This unique patented feature ensures uniform and intensive distribution of heat, air and humidity within the cooking cabinet, resulting in up to 30 per cent greater performance, guaranteed food quality and minimal consumption of resources.
The new Efficient LevelControl makes food production and service considerably more efficient as it is the ideal tool for cooking clever mixed loads.
The new Efficient LevelControl intelligently corrects the cooking time according to the load size, type of food and even how often and how long the door is opened. Now that’s a clever oven!
The SelfCooking Control panel has been completely redesigned. Numerous new, intelligent cooking workflows extend the application spectrum, overall, SelfCooking Control has become much more flexible and user friendly, and guarantees tip-top results every time as all the technical possibilities are fully utilised.
Additionally, the unit’s CareControl® function establishes an intelligent cleaning and care system, providing automatic cleaning overnight, ensuring hygienic cleanliness and allowing your investment to retain its value in the long term.
The system uses only the amount of energy, water and chemicals that are actually needed for the level of soiling, this can equate to savings of up to 40 per cent compared to conventional automatic cleaning programs available.
The SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® with its small footprint supplants 40 to 50 per cent of all conventional cooking appliances, such as ovens, hot air units, tilting pans, boilers, steamers or grills and therefore it is evident why the word efficiency is part of its name.