TRADITIONALLY, packaged sewage treatment solutions were simple tank systems designed to breakdown organic material to enable discharge of treated effluent.
In recent years, however, the requirement for more sophisticated systems that can be configured for nutrient removal has arisen to meet tightening discharge limits on effluent quality. To meet regulatory requirements for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous, a detailed understanding of bio-process design is essential: the process has a complexity similar to the operating biological nutrient removal (BNR) systems managed by large-scale townships and water authorities throughout Australia.
Ovivo Water offers a range of solutions, including packaged sewage treatment plants that can provide Class A+, Class A and Class B effluent management in line with nutrient removal requirements.
The systems, containerised and pre-piped and wired to minimise site installation time, are design to combat the harsh conditions experienced in remote mine or gas plant locations.
The systems can incorporate features that allow for remote support from Ovivo technicians located Australia-wide who can assist in the ongoing management of a treatment plant.
Custom service agreements with chemical and spares suppliers can also be tailored for each application.
Ovivo offers both membrane bioreactor (MBR) and submerged aerated filter (SAF) technology, with capacity ratings of up to 5000EP, in containerised designs.
The company’s energy efficient designs use highly efficient aeration systems that offer the highest oxygen transfer rate per kilowatt consumed, as well as the use of unique ancillary equipment such as the HUBER Ro9 Spiral Screen and RoS3Q Inclined Sludge Press (slow speed mechanical items used for screenings and sludge residuals management).
All equipment is designed, built and assembled at Ovivo’s 3000 square metre assembly shop.
Ovivo, a global water solutions provider, holds worldwide agreements with reputable pump, instrument and equipment suppliers, ensuring its packaged plants include high-quality components with local service and spares capability.