FITTED to more than 10,000 machines world-wide, the Webbair Prolec range of products have proven their reliability in the most extreme environments. The range of on-board weighing systems and height limiters are available in Australia, and all are produced to Australian standards.
The systems are original equipment manufacturer-approved and available nation-wide, both through dealerships and through Webbair Prolec’s distribution network.
Webbair’s Liftwatch 5 rated capacity indicator (RCI) was designed specifically to Australian standards AS1418.8 and AS1418.5, and is the only system in Australia that meets the requirements of these standards.
The Liftwatch 5 allows customers to lift heavy loads, including pipes and sleepers, with the utmost confidence: machines can legally lift to their safe working load (SWL) across the entire working envelope.
In most cases a machine’s stated SWL lift capacity can be increased by up to 500 per cent on the arm of the Liftwatch 5, dramatically increasing overall productivity. This means that smaller machines can be used for larger jobs, offering savings across plant expenditure and costs.
Load charts are provided for individual machines after being tip tested. For new machines supplied without load charts, the Liftwatch 5 RCI is a solid investment for companies to get the best out of their excavators.