FAMILY-owned and operated company Win United manufactures, imports and distributes industrial hoses and hose fittings to a variety of sectors including mining and resources, civil, construction and utilities, as well as government utilities and departments across the country.

A specialist in complete hose solutions, Win United manufactures a range of hose assemblies in-house for immediate use – saving companies on downtime and labour, while ensuring all safety requirements are met.

Win United provides a wide range of valves and gauges, pipe fittings, hydraulic hoses and fittings and hand-build hoses, and offers services applicable to these components.

Beyond manufacturing, the company imports and distributes hoses and hose fittings from sources across the globe, prominently including Italy, Turkey and Malaysia. Imported items included rubber and PVC hoses in sizes up to 400mm diameter; camlocks and mil spec camlocks; bauer, travis and claw fittings, ground joints, Victaulic and storz fittings, strainers and foot valves.

Reinforcing its comprehensive range of hoses and hose attachments is Win’s premium customer service and product knowledge.  Win United proudly offers a tag and test facility for industrial hoses, to ensure hoses and fittings are correctly clamped and installed.

The company has a regular testing service for client hoses – to ensure equipment is kept up to the required standards and safety regulations, and to limit the potential for equipment failure or injury onsite. Win’s pressure and continuity testing provide effective peace-of-mind within any higher pressure applications.

To prevent the use of hoses with incorrect chemicals, pressures or applications, Win also offers a tagging service: a company representative will tag all assemblies with serial numbers and working pressures to accurately track these transport mediums and ensure each structure is only used within its applicable parameters.

Win United was established in early 2010 and has grown rapidly ever since. It is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service and quality products.

With offices and distribution centres available strategically across the country – Win United is well positioned to service any project across Australia. For more information on the company’s extensive range of products and services, call 1800 250 258, email [email protected], or visit