A defunct salt mine in Romania has been transformed into a booming tourist attraction, with an underground theme park and history museum.
The historic Salina Turda salt mines in northern-central Transylvania were mined from the seventeenth century, and provided an integral source of wealth for the country’s
Roman occupiers.

The mine’s transformation into a theme park incorporated three former mining shafts, including Terezia mine, which reaches 120m below ground; Anton which reaches 108m; and the Rudolf, which extends down 42m.

Features include a 180-seat amphitheatre, a sports arena with mini soccer stadium, a Ferris wheel, billiard and ping pong facilities, a mini-golf course and a bowling alley.
Visitors descend the cavernous mine shafts in glass elevators, and into the Tereza gallery where paddleboats can be rented to tour the underground lake.

Business Insider recently named it one of the World’s Ten Coolest Underground Places to visit.

Cluj-Napoca Regional Council announced Salina Turda would extend operations hours and schedule regular guided visits, beginning 15 August.