PORT and coastal engineering company BMT JFA Consultants provides specialised services for port and maritime developments. With a focus on developing passionate staff and forming strong client relationships, the company delivers effective solutions in a timely manner.
The services offered by BMT JFA include full project management, from conception to completion of marine/port, harbour and coastal projects.
The company can act either as part of a team or can lead a team managing all aspects of a project – from initial site investigation through to design, construction, commissioning and maintenance.
BMT JFA’s port and harbour engineering services include: port and harbour master planning; project management of multidisciplinary maritime development projects; marine investigations and data collection; planning, detailed design and project management of marinas and small boat harbours and their marine structures; and marine engineering design and project management inputs associated with urban waterfront developments, including edge walls and boardwalks. BMT JFA also undertakes work in a range of other areas including: coastal dynamics such as wind, wave and water level studies, wave overtopping assessments, and harbour flushing and siltation studies; specialist dredging management, including planning, design and project management of
all capital and maintenance dredging works, dredge supervision and reclamation and ground improvement works; ship manoeuvrability, mooring, berth operability and throughput simulation modelling; management of coastal and maritime structure projects, including conceptual designs, layouts and costs estimates, and drawings, specifications and tender documents; and cartography
and drafting, including digitising, mapping, analysis and interpretation.