Collinsville ready to ride as community ‘pump’ bike track build date announced

The location of Darcy Munro Park in Collinsville, Queensland.
The location of Darcy Munro Park in Collinsville, Queensland.

Collinsville in Queensland will be “pumping” thanks to Bowen Rail Company and construction of a new $300,000 bike track for local bike riders, scooter enthusiasts, and skateboarders.

Whitsunday Regional Council has announced that works on the Darcy Munro Park Pump Track will begin on 2 April, with stage one of the four-stage circuit expected to be ready for locals young and old to showcase their riding, cornering, and jumping skills by early May.

Bowen Rail Company has fully-funded the first stage of the bike track, which is a circuit designed for users to apply a push-and-pull technique rather than pedalling to make their way over a series of rollers, jumps, and berms. Council will manage the construction works.

Bowen Rail Company general manager Brendan Lane says the business is excited to see such a safe, active, fun, and social community asset built for the people of Collinsville.

The funding for the project is part of a 2019 Infrastructure Access Agreement signed with Council for the construction of the Carmichael Rail Network (CRN).

The CRN entered operation in early 2022 and connects the Carmichael mine to Aurizon’s Newlands System about 70km south of Collinsville.

“We wanted the construction of the Carmichael Rail Network to leave a positive legacy in Collinsville beyond the significant economic benefits of employing locals and awarding contracts to local businesses, or having rail workers spend their wage in local hotels, stores, and pubs,” Mr Lane said.

“Better playground equipment and new and more diverse activities for older kids were two things that resonated loudly in the 2021 Collinsville Masterplan, and the Pump Track is a perfect fit.

“The beauty of this new addition to Darcy Munro Park is it will be accessible to everyone, young or young at heart, and a toddler on a balance bike will benefit as much as an X-Games superstar.

“We’re deeply grateful for the incredible support we’ve received from Collinsville and the greater Whitsunday region as we’ve built our railway and grown from a startup to a thriving rail operator.

“Our team can’t wait to see their friends and family out there shredding around enjoying the Pump Track – and having a crack on it themselves.”

Whitsunday Regional Council Capital Program and Network Planning director Adam Hagy says detailed design of all four stages had been completed, with each adding new levels of challenge.

“We have the full picture of what the finished product looks like and we’re confident the design will provide fun, challenge, and learning for years to come,” he said.

“Naturally, stage one is most suitable for beginners and intermediates to get a foothold as stages two through four come online.

“The timing of stages two through four will be subject to future budgets, and incremental development will ensure the facility grows with the community.”

The staged design of the pump track.
The staged design of the pump track.

About Bowen Rail Company

The Bowen Rail Company (BRC) is a Queensland rail freight business launched in August 2020.

Headquartered in Bowen, North Queensland, BRC combines world-leading technology with clever solutions to transport Queensland’s high-quality resources for export to the world.

BRC’s GT46C-ACe Gen III locomotives help its local workforce work more efficiently, safely, and with a smaller environmental footprint.

Its first customer was Bravus Mining and Resources’ Carmichael mine.

BRC operates on the Carmichael Rail Network, a 200km railway connecting the Carmichael mine 160km northwest of Clermont in central Queensland to the Newlands Rail System.

The company transports high quality coal from Carmichael to the North Queensland Export Terminal north of Bowen.

Here, Carmichael coal is exported to nations around the world where it is used alongside renewables to help lift people out of energy poverty while at the same time reducing emissions intensity as the world transitions over coming decades to a low carbon future.

The Carmichael Rail Network was built as part of the Carmichael mine and rail project, through which more than $2b was paid to regional Queensland contractors and businesses.

Both Bowen Rail Company and Bravus Mining and Resources are part of the Bravus group of Australian businesses delivering integrated energy and infrastructure services.