FAMILY-owned Tradecorp International is one of the world’s largest wholesalers of shipping containers. From its Mackay base in north Queensland, Tradecorp sells intermodal shipping containers throughout Australia, Asia, the South Pacific and Europe.
The company has been operating for almost 20 years, supplying general purpose, high cube, flat rack open top, ISO-certified tank, half-height and refrigerated shipping containers. Tradecorp produces new containers, procures and modifies second-hand units for sale, and provides short and long-term lease arrangements for all product types.
The company’s fleet of ISO-certified tank containers carry everything from fuel to acid and liquefied petroleum gas, while its pneumatic tanks carry a range of products including cement, sugar and nickel concentrate.
Tradecorp has also developed a range of half-height open top containers, available with or without removable lids, specifically to meet the needs of the mining industry. These containers have gained popularity with mining companies for the transport of concentrates – both internationally from mine to refinery and domestically for bulk loading – due to their suitability for use with container rotation systems.
Tradecorp supplies portable buildings in a variety of sizes to meet varying needs such as accommodation, office and sanitary. The buildings can be constructed within a day and are easy to transport.
Portable accommodation modules can be designed to specifically meet customer requirements. These modules include sleeping quarters, kitchens, offices, workshops, mess halls, recreation rooms, ablution
blocks and generator rooms. The company’s in-house factory can produce full scale mining camp accommodation which is easily transportable, securable and cyclone rated.
These modules have been designed from the base building block of a freight container so that they can be economically manufactured and delivered to any destination in the world through intermodal transport, while still maintaining a flexible building block to accommodate any design.
Tradecorp’s advantage in this sector is its in-house facilities, combined with a decade-long relationship with contracted suppliers, giving it the ability to produce all of its product ranges within short lead times.
This has led to the company goal of customer satisfaction through commitment to delivery on time and under budget.