SOON-TO-BE producer Core Lithium has announced the strategic acquisition of the Walanbanba Lithium Project from Todd River Resources – adjacent to its existing Anningie and Barrow Creek (ABC) project in the Northern Territory.

The ABC Lithium Project comprises large-scale lithium rich pegmatite fields and historic tin-tantalum mining districts with established “LCT” granite sources – similar to Core’s Finniss Lithium Project and various WA lithium pegmatite projects.

Core’s managing director Stephen Biggins said the company is positioning itself, and the NT, to be an important long-term lithium supplier in Northern Australia.

“Core’s recent discussions with a number of large lithium consumers at various levels within the electric vehicle and lithium battery supply chain suggest that world needs to heavily invest in new lithium supply if car manufacturers are going to achieve the EV production and emission goals demanded by consumers and governments in the near future,” Mr Biggins said.

“Not only is there strong recognition of Core’s capability to deliver high-quality lithium, at a competitive cost to the car manufacturing industry, but it can achieve that from a capital efficient, sustainable and transparent sourced near Darwin.”

The new project sits in 3250sqkm of granted tenements in the Anningie and Barrow Creek and Pegmatite Fields and has a demonstrated presence of spodumene in pegmatites of up to 450m long and 15m wide, with rock chip samples grading up to 4.63pc Li2O, together with 2.31pc SnO2 and 0.61pc Ta2O5.

Essentially, exploration in the region supports that the ABC project represents a genuine early-stage and potentially largescale lithium province close to rail connections to Darwin Port – positioning Core as Australia’s next lithium producer convenient located for export to Asia.