A leading provider of electrical engineering, construction and maintenance services for major asset owners, Electrix works both alongside and independently of parent company McConnell Dowell to service the mining sector.

With major offices in Queensland and WA, Electrix provides the mining industry with a strong local presence and access to some of the industry’s most experienced engineers, project managers and a highly skilled workforce. Electrix seeks strategic opportunities to become involved in projects as early as possible during concept and design development.

Early involvement provides the opportunity to best influence design outcomes and reduce project costs and delivery time through value engineering and constructability analysis.

This is achieved by applying expertise to areas such as design and specification critique; materials selection; standardisation in selection and sizing of equipment; off-site prefabrication; detailed planning of the installation process; cable selection and cable management systems; quality and commissioning systems; constructability reviews; programming and scheduling refinements; and commissioning process planning. Addressing these issues early in the project cycle provides the best outcomes and opportunity for breakthrough solutions and outstanding results.

The mining sector brings its own unique set of challenges, which often involve working under arduous conditions in remote areas. Electrix has proven experience in service delivery under these conditions, which allows construction and maintenance to be completed in tight timeframes with minimum downtime or disruption – often in extreme environments.

A great deal of importance is also placed on robust project management systems, interfacing closely with its customers’ systems, which provide quality documentation to support management of their projects and regulatory requirements. The company also has a strong culture of communication and has proven its competence in effectively managing a variety of stakeholder relationships.

One of the biggest challenges for the mining industry is the ongoing skills shortage and retention of workers. Electrix invests heavily in the development and retention of its employees and is considered an employer of choice. Employees receive both in-house and external training and are involved in development programs to continually improve their skills. Employee development has allowed the company to provide career planning, opportunities and promotion from within the organisation. The result is a skilled, high performing, cohesive and loyal team culture, and stable workforce industrial relations. The company has an impeccable safety record that also complements its capabilities in the mining sector.

Electrix’s services include all facets of industrial electrical and communications installations, including: design and construction; greenfield mining facilities; electrical reticulation systems; port facilities and materials handling; water and sewerage treatment and water pumping stations; fuel storage systems; HV and MV substations and switchboards; transmission and distribution networks; electrical refurbishments and upgrades; UPS systems; standby generator installations; power factor correction installations; harmonic conditioners; and PLC and SCADA control and monitoring systems. Electrix’s capabilities mean it is able to provide a true end-to-end service for its growing number of mining customers.