THE principal of Rochfort, Associates – Peter Rochfort – recently completed his 30th year of successfully providing employment and workplace relations
advice and advocacy to businesses across a spectrum of industries, including mining.

Mr Rochfort’s first exposure to workplace relations came in the transport industry when he was the Australian Road Transport Federation’s executive director over a 12 year period.

During this time he negotiated directly with unions on behalf of transport operators and was able to reach favourable outcomes in some of the most difficult situations of the time.

Through Rochfort, Associates, Mr Rochfort continues to provide industrial advice and advocacy at board and company management level, as well as to individual clients.

As Mr Rochfort has been at the forefront of major industrial issues over the past 50 or so years, his experience enables him to provide balanced and objective advice when dealing with contemporary issues that have evolved under recent legislation.

His specialties include unfair dismissal claims; adverse action claims; individual flexibility agreements as a preferable mechanism to address specific worksite needs as an alternative to certified enterprise bargaining; sham working arrangements; and workplace health and safety.

Mr Rochfort continues to draw on his experience in dealing with unions to present a constructive, objective and rational position when dealing with someof the most confronting issues involving unions.

With thousands of workplace agreements in the mining industry due to expire in the next 10 to 16 months, it is important that industrial relations are efficiently