WHEN wasted seconds mean wasted money, companies need to power their mining operations with equipment they can count on. The Gates line of hydraulic hose and coupling products ensures that mines can keep up with demand.

Gates parts not only dramatically improve uptime, they also come backed by services designed to reduce inventory expenses and improve safety.

Conditions in longwall mines can wreak havoc on equipment and personnel. Gates iLok couplings release a residual pressure away from workers and provide a secure, visible, and easily functioning locking system so workers don’t have to resort to dangerous methods to move them.

On average, it takes 20 minutes to de-couple traditional staple-lock couplings. On a longwall miner with 500 connections, that means nearly seven days just to disconnect the fittings. iLok couplings can be safely disconnected in two minutes or less, for a total of 17 man-hours of labour – a decrease of 90 per cent.

For surface mining, Gates helps manage hydraulic inefficiencies that cause long periods of downtime and expose companies to potential liability.
Gates has an integrated system of the most advanced and durable hoses, couplings, crimpers, and accessories in the industry. Gates’ MegaSys hydraulics hose system is FRAS and MSHA approved. The MegaSys constant pressure system ranges up to 550 BAR (8000 PSI), and has colour coded laylines for easier and safer identification.

Companies can learn more about Gates’ solutions by calling or visiting the company website.