LEADING safety footwear company Blundstone recently released a new range of premium rubber-soled safety work boots that feature a host of leading innovations.
The boots, known as the XFoot Rubber, have received high praise during wear tests, with one tradesman claiming them to be the “the most comfortable boots” he’d ever worn.
The boots feature bamboo lining, which provides revolutionary thermal regulation in addition to deodorising, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition to these properties, the boot design incorporates breathability and allows for fast drying.
“Keeping the foot dry and cool is an important factor in promoting overall foot health,” Blundstone chief executive officer Steve Gunn said.
“A number of innovative features combine to place this new range of boots firmly at the forefront of work boot technology anywhere in the world.”
The XFoot Rubber boot design limits unnecessary weight and improves wearer comfort, reducing potential fatigue for the wearer. The range is 20 per cent lighter than any competitor boot ranges.
The XFoot Rubber sole can withstand surface temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius and is suitable for heavy industrial environments including those of the mining and manufacturing industries.
Blundstone is also the first footwear company in Australasia to use the revolutionary PORON XRD in its underfoot comfort system. PORON XRD gives the wearer a new level of underfoot shock protection and comfort.
“Blundstone invests heavily in new product development at our design and corporate headquarters in Tasmania. We are committed to designing and delivering the most advanced work boot in the market,” Mr Gunn said.