DURABLE, reliable and versatile, Haulmax offers a range of haulage solutions for off-highway applications. With more than 25 years of research into the haulage industry, Haulmax’s purpose-built range of heavy-duty trucks is ideally suited to mining applications.
When mining companies open satellite pits, often more than 10km away from their site’s processing plant and facilities, the cost of hauling materials and moving heavy equipment increases. Built for extended haulage upwards of 50km cycles, the Haulmax 3900 Series truck – specifi cally designed for off-highway haul roads – is an ideal solution.
The 3900 Series is built around a complete Caterpillar powertrain, and 95 per cent of the serviceable parts are Caterpillar which makes Haulmax an ideal complement to any Caterpillar fl eet. The integration of Caterpillar components also ensures that the Haulmax 3900 Series delivers comparable whole-of-life costs. By combining the product support capabilities of a local team with Caterpillar’s global network of dealer technicians, Haulmax minimises downtime and offers exceptional lifetime productivity. Haulmax’s off-highway truck is available in three configurations: an 80t to 85t dump truck; a 150t to 190t low bed fl oat; or a 130t to 135t trailer unit.
Haulmax trucks are designed with a narrow wheelbase and only require a road width of about 13m. In soft underfoot conditions where superior braking capacity, surefootedness and ground pressure is critical, Haulmax responds with a lower centre of gravity and a greater footprint area. Excellent retardation is offered by dual rear-drive axles and eight wheels, and when combined with 25 per cent more ground contact, the 3900 Series delivers greater traction and performance safety.
As an established Caterpillar original equipment manufacturer, and forming part of the Elphinstone Group, Haulmax delivers integrated haulage solutions to the global market.