LEADING multinational energy company TOTAL, incorporating its Australian lubricants division TOTAL Oil Australia, has more than 96,000 employees and operations in 130 countries.
Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, TOTAL is the fifth largest publicly-traded, integrated, international oil and gas company in the world, commanding a strong market presence for the supply of fuels and lubricants to its mining customers. TOTAL’s commitment to innovative solutions and products encompasses all areas of mining operations, from the supply of fuels and lubricants to expert technical support and world-class service.
The company develops new automotive and industrial lubricants with high performance levels to extend engine life and improve performance. Not only do these lubricants protect the engine, they transmit power and facilitate gear shifting, contributing to  greater fuel economy.
TOTAL’s solutions allow for reduction of fuel consumption and the ability to lower emissions through fuel economy. The company’s lubricant innovation also extends to its TP STAR product range, which has been designed to reduce the total number of lubricants used.
It also caters to the complete requirements of fleets of off-road machinery and equipment while providing fuel economy and lower emission benefits.
Overall, TOTAL provides an integrated service for its mining customers, including fuel and lubricant stock management, quality analysis and  on-site support.
More than 70 mining organisations trust TOTAL for its supply, innovation and commitment across five continents.