AERIAL surveying company Geotech Airborne offers its clients a full range of airborne geophysical surveys and data processing and interpretation services.
At present, Geotech’s aerial surveying service comprise VTEM (helicopter-borne time-domain electromagnetic), ZTEM (Z axis tipper electromagnetic system) and AirMt (measuring natural/passive AFMAG electromagnetic fields in the audio-frequency range), magnetic and magnetic gradient, and gamma-ray spectrometer surveys.
Canadian-based Geotech maintains its own aircraft fleet, including helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Internationally, Geotech operates a total of 30 VTEM systems and 10 passive ZTEM-AirMt systems.
From its Perth office, Geotech services Australia with three VTEM and one ZTEM systems. In the last five years, Geotech has flown more than 200 projects.
Geotech’s clients are mainly from the mineral and petroleum exploration industries. In the 10 years since Geotechs’s proprietary large dipole moment VTEM system was used in its first commercial survey, the system has become the exploration community’s airborne method of choice. A large number of exploration companies have attributed exploration successes to VTEM surveys.
Geotech’s proprietary ZTEM and AirMt tipper AFMAG technologies are unique airborne electromagnetic tools which offer unequaled depths of investigation and geological mapping capabilities particularly well suited to porphyry copper exploration, as well as other deep mining, geothermal, and oil and gas applications.
The company’s managerial staff comprises experienced geophysicists, electronics engineers and managers who understand the business of airborne surveying.
Geotech funds a large research and development effort to maintain its technological lead in its core airborne electromagnetic technologies. The company now also offers ground magnetotelluric acquisition and consulting services, in support of its ZTEM surveys, through its newly formed CORE Geoscience division.