AT its head office on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Wear Parts Australia boasts more than 40 years’ experience in the wear parts industry.
Maintaining a record of each customer in its database, Wear Parts can go out to site to audit buckets and machinery, and clearly identify the parts needed.
The company offers Australian-made, custom-designed cutting edges and steel plates to suit the most abrasive working conditions.
It has access to, and stocks, a huge range of genuine and non-genuine wear parts from industry leaders around the world including Caterpillar, Esco, Feurst, Komatsu, Hensley, Keech/Hitachi, Daewoo/Doosan, Samsung, JCB, John Deere, Hyundai, H&L and ECH.
Wear Parts’ Armour Up heel shrouds suit a range of machines and offer heavy duty protection for the most extreme applications. Heel shrouds are essential in protecting both the bucket and the machine. They work by combating abrasion, improving the structural integrity of the bucket and maximising productivity.
The company’s lip shrouds protect the critical front end of the bucket, with a choice of either ‘pin on’ or ‘weld on’ lip shrouds. The preservation of a bucket’s leading edge is critical in maintaining productivity.
Wing shrouds take the brunt of material flowing inside and outside the bucket walls, protecting the bucket. Pin-on, reversible, and completely replaceable, wing shrouds protect the vertical leading edges of a bucket and provide maximum clearance of material from the cheek plates and bucket walls.
Wear Parts’ product quality is guaranteed, and as a member of the Institute of Quarrying, the company supports and attends seminars and conferences to maintain its industry knowledge.