THE new waterproof, shockproof, snowproof, mudproof, dustproof and sandproof iPhone 4 case developed by Proteus Protective Technologies allows users to take photographs and record video under water, during a blizzard, on dusty work sites or during muddy hiking trips.
The Proteus PRO-Case is sleek and lightweight (only 150g) and allows iPhone users access to all normal functionalities, including their phone’s touch screen and cameras, with a scratchproof lens.
The case has three quick lock-in screws and five inner impact-absorbing rubber bumpers to ensure that it is lock, block and shock-proof. Studies have shown that 3.43 million Australians use iPhones and, as a
nation with a great love of the outdoors, the protective iPhone case has the ability to save customers thousands of dollars in replacements.
Proteus Protective Technologies chief executive officer Jim Lazarides said the IXP7-certified case was tougher than any other product on the market.
“The hard, impact-proof shell gives you the opportunity to enjoy the broad range of functions the iPhone gives you but now in all environments, most of which you wouldn’t want to take your iPhone,” Mr Lazarides said.
“Whether you’re a tradesman working on a job site, you’re out on the water enjoying water sports, or just going to the beach with your family, this case is everyday- adventure-proof.”
Proteus Protective Technologies international brand manager Paul Taylor said the iPhone’s vulnerability to impact and moisture damage was common knowledge, particularly in the mining and building sectors.
“The Proteus PRO-Case gives tradies, miners or anyone looking for protection for their iPhone 100 per cent confidence from the harsh environments work places can hold, such as dust, water, mud or sand,” Mr Taylor said.
The Proteus PRO-Case retails for RRP $79.95 and comes with a detachable, floating high-vision wristband. Further information is available on the company’s website.