DRIVEN by a desire for perfection, CrawFab specialises in the design and construction of custom vehicles and buildings.
The company recently released the MedPod, a transportable medical facility for remote locations that is designed, fabricated and manufactured in-house.
According to CrawFab, having a ready-made medical facility on site removes the need for its clients to spend time and money on infrastructure and greatly assists mine startups and facility upgrades, allowing vital health care facilities to be delivered to site quickly and efficiently.
With a flexible design, the MedPod is suited to a large number of applications and can be fitted out with equipment and products to suit the individual requirements of each site. Weighing 8t, an individual unit can be transported with a semi-trailer or airlifted to site and erected in less than 60 minutes using the unit’s advanced hydraulic control system. MedPod units can be moved around a site once delivered, and several units can be configured to create a larger medical facility if required.
Each MedPod is fitted out by Medshop Australia, with integrated fixtures that allow for ease of access to essential medical supplies.
The internal layout of the MedPod can be configured to suit a variety of uses including: emergency, first aid, trauma, surgical or general practice medicine; health checks; and dental work.
Each unit is stocked with a selection of items from more than 200 brands  and 80,000 product types, including everything from basic diagnostic and physical assessment supplies through to intensive life support and rehabilitation equipment.
The MedPod’s state-of-the-art equipment and in-built design features include: plumbed oxygen and suction; power and data supply; instant hot water supply; a double-bowl sink
and fluid waste management system; a vaccine fridge; extensive storage space; diagnostic and monitoring systems; and a drug safe. The unit also has an external, fully-enclosed locker which houses an
easy-to-use hydraulic control system, an electronically controlled oxygen supply tank, and water and salluge tanks.
CrawFab can custom the design layout and fit out of a MedPod to suit its client’s budget. The MedPod units measure just 8 square metres each and only require a minimum 32 amp, 3-phase power supply, standard water supply and sewer point to operate.
Designed to provide flexibility and efficiency in a controlled environment, the MedPod on-site medical care facility is available for either purchase or hire through CrawFab.