AS a global supplier of processing equipment, systems and solutions, McLanahan offers a vast line of rugged products and reliable services. Under the leadership of chief executive officer Michael McLanahan,
the company offers products and services that are expediently and efficiently handled by dedicated McLanahan staff in locations throughout the US, the UK and Australia.
With a long-standing reputation for excellence, McLanahan is dedicated to strengthening and expanding its global presence through five targeted points of entry: the US, Europe, Australia and the Pacific Rim, South America, western Africa and South Africa.
Operations in Australia and the Pacific Rim are handled by McLanahan’s Australian team in NSW, which has grown markedly in just a few years and is now supplying major customers.
Growth and development in the US is reflected by the company’s increasing new product offerings and major McLanahan plants, while planning is underway for future expansions through South America, South Africa and western Africa.
McLanahan is unique in that it incorporates its own plants and in-house engineers, machinists, fabricators and assembly staff, who oversee the complete design and manufacturing processes from the ground up.
The benefits of doing business with McLanahan appeal to customers who work in the most demanding industries around the world. The company’s strategic ‘boots on the ground’ global presence provides these benefits even more readily and directly.