WITH vehicle accidents on mine sites rising, there is a strong demand from operators seeking products that will help decrease the current high rate of vehicle interaction and injuries.
According to WA’s Mines and Petroleum department, vehicle collision has been one of the most common types of accidents on a mine site during the last five years. The Employment, Economic Development and Innovation department has reported that 75 per cent of fatalities at Queensland mines were vehicle related. Due to these alarming statistics, government and private mining bodies are encouraging the industry to increase implementation of safe vehicle practices. “In the past six years Minecorp has seen a sharp increase in demand from operators and contractors seeking products to help avoid collisions and the costs associated with machinery repair, replacement and shutdown time,” Minecorp Sales and Marketing director Nic Kitchen said. By working closely with mining operators in Australia, Minecorp has
developed a package of light vehicle safety equipment to maximise visibility, minimise vehicle accidents and protect occupants.
These include: audible alarms; repeaters; strobe, work and LED lighting; high visibility flags; traffic control flares; vehicle decals; reverse cameras; and very high frequency and ultra high frequency radios.
“Our experienced R&D [research and development] team are continually working with customers to develop new, fit for purpose safety products that enhance the safety integrity of light vehicles,” Minecorp R&D manager Angus McIntyre said.
“From Australia’s best Roll-over Protection system (Minecorp Safety Cell) to solutions for visibility and off-road safety, if it is to do with light vehicles, then Minecorp is working on it.” The company is an Australian owned and operated company with operations across Australia as well as in Saudi Arabia, New Caledonia, South Africa, South America and Papua New Guinea. Minecorp designs, manufactures and
installs light vehicle safety solutions to protect employees working in harsh environments.
Minecorp-equipped vehicles are safe, robust and compliant, and are backed by extensive R&D. The company’s single source solution and large capacity operation gets a client’s vehicles on site sooner.