SINCE 1978, Concierge Business Travel has consulted as a boutique travel management company, leading the industry with innovative concepts and technology.
The company, which has developed an in-depth knowledge of mining travel requirements, will soon launch its new crew movement booking tool with potential to save mining companies time
and money during every crew change.
“We see our new crew movement booking tool as a leap forward for the resource industry,” Concierge Business Travel general manager Renos Rologas said.
“It means companies can confirm crew FIFO [fly in-fly out] travel in minutes instead of hours, which will result in easier planning and cost savings.” As a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week Australian-based operation, Concierge Business Travel responds quickly to booking requirements, getting crew home in the shortest possible time to avoid penalty rates and more expensive airfares. As a result, Concierge Business Travel is the chosen provider for companies like Teekay Shipping and Exact Mining Services.
“We have been using Concierge Business Travel since 2009,” Exact Mining Services marketing manager Travis Casey said.
“Exact engaged Concierge Business Travel to improve reporting transparency, booking efficiency and reduce costs.” he said.
“We’ve achieved these goals and will continue to work together in the future.” Often mining companies have limited knowledge of their FIFO travel spend, which is why Concierge Business Travel engages clients with comprehensive travel management reporting. With their global partnerships and experienced advisors they have all the key elements for a successful FIFO program.