FORMED with the specific goal of providing highly mobile, flexible and productive drilling rigs that could be taken into the most challenging terrains, Atlas Drilling has provided specialist drilling services to Australia’s coal seam methane (CSM) sector since 2007.
Atlas Drilling holds a definitive market edge on its competitors by ensuring that exploration and development project requirements are met within budget and on time.
The company aims to provide the best value for money in drilling by using modern equipment and experienced rig teams and management.
As a result, comprehensive drilling services are offered with high safety standards and a proactive attitude to assist operators in maximising legislative, safety, environmental, and operational
The Atlas Drilling management team has a strong track record in the conventional and coal seam drilling industry. The management team has been involved in almost every major coal seam
project in Queensland; furthermore, the management team has sound associations with both field-based rig staff and other service businesses involved in the CSM industry.
These abilities are reflected in the Atlas CSM rig fleet, which is highly mobile and tailored to 2000m depths. Atlas Drilling’s widespread experience includes HQ3 coring, vertical production drilling and long multi-lateral drilling up to 2400m, as well as surface to in seam and multi branch lateral wells.
The company is committed to providing services that are efficient, cost effective, and environmentally responsible so as to deliver only the best results for its clients. The highest standards are engaged, reflecting Atlas Drilling’s ongoing endeavour to be the national driller of choice in the Australian CSM sector.