Safeguarding your most valuable assets with the BLH stop DropTM barricading system


Working at heights presents many unexpected dangers. A dropped object, no matter its size, weight, or the height it falls from, can be disastrous and negatively impact productivity, operational costs, and the lives of site personnel.

Mines, oil and gas platforms, refineries, power generation and petrochemical plants, civil infrastructure projects, and food processing facilities, demand quality, reliable, and engineered systems that protect workers day-in day-out.Hydr Tas Power Station

Although many different types of dropped object prevention systems exist, only one patented system has proven itself for over a decade.

Invented by BLH Safety Solutions founder Shane Gill, Stop DropTM Barricading is the original dropped object prevention solution used by the world’s largest oil, gas, energy, and mining companies. With patents in over 50 countries worldwide, the company is strategically positioned to supply its innovative barricading to projects, no matter the scale, location or climate.

According to Gill, Stop DropTM Barricading technology is truly unique.

BLH“It’s like comparing night and day; no other system in the market, anywhere in the world, comes close. Our product has been independently tested and complies with the strictest industry, safety and quality standards on an international level. It is designed to withstand constant exposure to corrosive chemicals, salt water, high winds, flames, and UV rays, as well as the safe intercept or deflection of falling objects.

“It is the only system in the market with a 10-year lifecycle warranty delivers significant cost savings over the long-term. There’s no question over the product’s quality and longevity in the harshest industrial environments,” said Gill.

Stop DropTM is specifically is engineered to minimise the risk of falling objects from work areas such as platforms, scaffolding, access walkways and stairways. Featuring advanced polymer technology, it is quick and easy to install and remove, and the flexible polymer material is lightweight.

The product is not only fully recyclable and chlorine-free, but the polymers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility that meets the highest quality environmental standards, with lower emissions in the manufacturing process. It has been tested for both extreme heat/cold in one system, therefore there is no requirement for two systems like others in the market.DeepSea Atlantic - Odfjell - BLH Stop Drop Barricading (16)

Gill highlighted the reasons behind the success of the product, which comes down to the seamless installation and suitability to existing industrial sites.

“Our innovative snap lock and clip-on design eliminates the need for bolts or additional fasteners, plus the smaller, lighter panels streamline installation with less manual handling involved. The panels can be easily attached to any railing configurations of different sizes, thicknesses, and shapes.

“In offshore oil and gas platforms, high winds and turbulent weather conditions can wreak havoc on exposed structures. Stop DropTM features a higher wind rating than any other available barricading system. It is Cat 5 wind-rated and has a lower wind drag (Cfig rating), so it doesn’t impede the structural integrity of the asset to which the barricading is affixed.”

offshore-safety-barricading-10Stop DropTM is non-heat conductive and UV stabilised with a 10-year UV rating, and is corrosion, chemical, fire, impact and glare resistant, and can be supplied with static resistance upon request. It is also free of sharp edges, pinch points or catch points, and does not obscure line of sight or block out illumination.

“Our barricading system is a proven, cost-effective solution for both permanent and temporary installations, and many of our clients now manage installation themselves, which saves money,” added Gill.

“You don’t need a hot work permit as no onsite design or fabrication work is required, and the quick installation minimises downtime. Although we have dedicated technicians available to install the product, we also offer installation training to our clients so they can utilise their own personnel.”Walkway Barricading

Want to become a distributor for BLH stop DropTM barricading?

BLHBLH Safety Solutions is currently searching for reputable distributors globally. Whether you’re located in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe or the Middle East, it’s time to partner with the world leader in safety barricading.

Stop DropTM Barricading is a common sight on the world’s largest projects, which are operated by major oil, gas, energy, and mining players.BLH

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor for Stop DropTM, please contact Shane Gill on 0419 592 868 or email [email protected].

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