West Coast Poly Embraces Latest Tech To Deliver Complete Tank Solutions

West Coast Poly

Australia’s manufacturing sector has been challenged since the 1970s with rising energy costs, skills shortages and an ever-developing capability of off-shore competition. However, some businesses have leveraged in-house capabilities and innovative manufacturing processes to stay ahead of the game, while facilitating continued growth along the way.

One of those businesses is WA owned and based company West Coast Poly. Founded in 1999, West Coast Poly has set the standard as one of the largest manufacturers of rotomoulded polyethylene tanks in Western Australia.

The progressive Perth based roto-moulding specialist is renowned for producing quality, durable polyethylene storage tanks for the industrial, mining, rural and residential markets. Not only has it built a reputation for its water tanks, but it’s advanced manufacturing processes produce tanks to suit the toughest Australian conditions. The firms General Manager Andrew Baker, believes this focus on innovation and understanding the diverse needs in the WA market is the reason why West Coast Poly is manufacturing business against the trend.

“All this talk over the years about market factors and the economics of Australian manufacturing, despite all that we are still here and we have managed to grow against that trend, which I think comes down to our ability to innovate and push forward,” Mr Baker said.

Throughout West Coast Poly’s history, a focus on innovation and pushing forward manufacturing technologies that expand their capability is evident: Starting with a twin shuttle 5m oven, West Coast Poly would go on to quickly add another 3.5m and then 4m twin shuttle ovens. In 2020 with the addition of the SRM6500 3 shuttle oven, West Coast Poly were able to expand their product line and manufacture large capacity storage tanks.


Development of further innovative products has resulted in their newest infrastructure investment, a state-of-the-art Rotoline 4.1m, 4 arm carousel roto-moulding machine. Which can simultaneously have up to four production cycles running at a time, West Coast Poly is now able to achieve new levels of efficiency and product quality.

“Our state-of-the-art machine software monitor temperatures, rotations and cook times, ensuring each tank achieves the highest quality,” Mr Baker said.

West Coast Poly’s highly efficient system functions in four stages – charging, heating, cooling, and demoulding

“The mould is heated while being subjected to multi-directional revolutions. We have invested in internal tank temperature live monitoring technology. Which ensures the specified peak cook temperature is reached to achieve the optimum material strength and capability,” Mr Baker said.

To ensure that each tank coming out of the factory doors that’s loaded onto a West Coast Poly truck meets Australian quality standards. Each vessel design undergoes FEA engineering process and after the tank is made undergoes further testing conducted by the quality assurance team.

“Not only are all of our tanks designed and made to exceed AS4766 but they meet Region D wind loading certification as well. Because part of the uniqueness of being in WA, is the environment can be harsh, and we want to ensure a reliable product for our customers,” Mr Baker said.

To meet the needs of customers in various industries, West Coast Poly utilise a multitude of resins to accommodate specific operational requirements from chemical resistance, liquid weight or environmental factors.

“Our customer tell us what they need the tank for, we work with them on the specifications to fulfill that need, then we make it, test it and deliver it to site, from that first email or phone call right to the tank being delivered, our business is vertically integrated, it’s why we are complete tank solutions”

It has been 25 years since West Coast Poly opened its doors, in those years supplying the WA market it has bucked the trend of local manufacturing.

“We listen to our market; we innovate and this is how we not only survive but we prosper,” Mr Baker said.

For more information, call 1800 555 185, email [email protected], or visit https://westcoastpoly.com.au/