FOR many years, Mine Radio Systems Pacific (MRS Pacific) has been the leading supplier of advanced, integrated communication and safety solutions for confined spaces throughout Australia. The company supplies communication systems technicians to large mining companies throughout WA. Its technicians are in high demand due to their expertise, experience and industry knowledge in the communications sector. “MRS Pacific approached a large Australian iron ore mining company when we heard they required assistance with finding very good quality radio communication technicians,” Mine Radio Systems Pacific managing director
Graeme Corbett said.
“We were given the tip by a former employee of the company. We filled the initial positions with our full time staff and our customer was so impressed we soon had five technicians added to the roster.
“Our technicians quickly developed a reputation for excellence and were nominated for various safety awards. “The skill and work ethic of our people was noticed by a large equipment supplier and we now have two technicians working for, supervising the installation maintenance and ongoing service of the new systems the mine has installed.”
With the MRS Pacifi c Centrian cable modem termination system, clients have access to communications, safety tools and collision warnings in one seamless solution that can be applied across mining and tunnelling applications.
Working with a leaky feeder backbone, Centrian supports voice and high-speed data, delivering real-time data transfer from assets and machinery. The system has unrivalled internet capability, allowing the creation of wireless hot spots anywhere along the leaky cable.
These features give operators the ability to respond instantly, as issues arise, ensuring safety and increasing productivity.
MRS Pacific offers a full range of communications systems for the mining and tunnelling industries. Further information can be found on the company’s website.