FUNCTIONAL and safety focussed, FSE Global offers intelligent solutions for key safety activities in the mining, process and manufacturing industries. FSE Global’s success in establishing its unique presence within the functional safety arena is in part due toits independence from manufacturers,in combination with a passion for
safety and the depth of knowledge and experience the company brings to its clients.
FSE Global offers complete risk and safety management systems, including consulting, training and certification services, to all industrymnsectors. These services are provided to owners and operators of hazardous facilities, where compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and assistance with developing safety cases may be required.
The company’s consulting services include: safety and risk management systems; process hazard analyses such as hazard identification studies and hazard and operability studies; layer of protection analysis; risk assessment; safety integrity level determination and verification; and machine guarding, together with safety-by-design solutions.
Its functional safety consulting services are complimented by anextensive range of competency-based, safety-related training including ISA84 certification courses – the most rigorous certificate program in the safety industry. FSE Global can also provide customised training on programmable automation controllers (PACs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), communication systems and their safety related electrical control systems.
Manufacturers and end users seeking product or system certification can use FSE Global’s inspection body services (IBS). FSE Global’s IBS is a NATA accredited inspection body certified under the ISO 17020 standard, and includes accreditations in the area of functional safety, including railways, automated earth moving equipment, conveyors, remote isolation systems, machines, electromagnetic capability, robots, PAC and PLCs.