AIRCRAFT charter specialists Australian Air Solutions (AAS) tailors its time-efficient, cost-effective and comfortable charter services for mining companies and contractors of all sizes.
“We understand FIFO, because I and all our staff have been there,” AAS managing director Brendon Hempel said.
“Backing out the driveway to start another four or five hour journey to work can grow tired pretty quickly, so [we believe] travel [should not] take any longer than it needs to.”
The company can fly between 9 and 19 passengers from Brisbane direct to Moranbah, Emerald or Roma at unbeatable prices.
“By supplying a regular contracted service to the mines, we can often provide prices 30 per cent per seat cheaper than the airlines,” Mr Hempel said.
Cost savings for mining companies and contractors are significant, while the lengthy commute between airlines, cars and busses via hubs like Mackay and Gladstone is eliminated.
“Staff arrive refreshed and ready to work, and their all-important home time is maximised,” Mr Hempel said.
But it’s not just FIFO; the AAS fleet also boasts Challenger and Citation business jets with domestic and international flight capabilities.
Whether transporting machine parts to Papua New Guinea or Solomon Islands, or flying executives to Rome or the US, AAS provides the ultimate in comfort and safety while maximising the quality of its customers’ time in the air.