THE hazardous nature and typical remoteness of mining operations makes extra vigilance in fire preparation and prevention measures an ethical and regulatory necessity. Workers at all levels within mining organisations need to maintain high skill levels in their emergency response capabilities. Leading fire protection specialist Wormald has delivered fire safety awareness training to staff at Xstrata Coal NSW’s Glendell Mine. Glendell is
an open-cut coal mine, adjoining the Ravensworth East and Mount Owen mines, which produces up to 4.6 milliontonnes of coal per year.Staff who attended the fire awareness training were taught how to adopt the
correct procedures upon discovering a fire; how to identify different types of fire equipment on the site and how to use the fire equipment correctly; how to determine the class of fire; and how to select the correct equipment.
Wormald Newcastle training manager Bernie Pilgrim regularly conducts training and said it was a critical element of fire safety planning, and of particularly importance in high-risk industries such as mining.
“It is vital that all staff know what to do in the event of a fire,” Mr Pilgrim said. “Training helps organisations develop effective plans and proc can be readily executed if there is a fire. Knowing how to use the correct fire
protection equipment means that staff can confidently manage an emergency situation.”
“The fire awareness training that we conducted at Xstrata Coal included a combination of theory, practical and assessment so staff have the opportunity to get involved in some hands-on training.”
Wormald offers a range of fi re safety training courses suitable for the mining industry, including Confined Space Entry, Breathing Apparatus, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid, Spill Response, General Staff Emergency Awareness, Lay Flat Hose and Fire Safety Adviser training programs.