ATA Agora & Allquip Water Trucks: Australia’s Premier Water Cart and Water Spray Rig Manufacturer

ATA Agora

ATA Agora, an Australian firm, specialises in the production of robust, large-capacity water carts and spray systems, specifically tailored for the mining sector. Designed to withstand the harshest Australian conditions, these water carts are adaptable to a variety of OEM off-road rigid and articulated trucks, as well as standard on-road chassis with mine-specific modifications.

In 2021, ATA Agora merged with Allquip Water Trucks, bolstering their industry experience and manufacturing capabilities. ATA’s off-road tank designs have been operating in mining sites for half a century, making them industry leaders in heavy-duty spray rigs. The combination of ATA’s experience with Allquip’s two-decade history of providing on-road water cartage solutions allows the company to construct tanks of unparalleled quality. Together, ATA & Allquip manufacture over 200 water truck bodies annually at their New South Wales facility, ATA Agora & Allquip Water Trucks Australia’s Premier Water Cart & Water Spray Rig Manufacturer supplying tanks for mining and civil projects across Australia.

Their diverse product range includes steel, aluminium, polyethylene, and fibreglass water tanks assembled as water trucks, mine water carts, trailer tankers, hooklift tankers, and fire tankers. ATA’s larger water cart bodies are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the mining industry and are predominantly constructed from steel. Allquip fabricates all steel water tanks on-site at their Rutherford facility and proudly holds Australian Made certification.

The ATA & Allquip Difference: Safety, Reliability, Compliance Safety Traditional water trucks often struggle with effective water distribution control. These vehicles usually offer limited spray options, making targeted watering difficult and potentially leading to uneven water distribution, ineffective dust suppression, and safety risks from overwatering haul roads.
To combat these issues, ATA & Allquip have developed innovative solutions tailored to the mining industry. These include advanced control and spray systems that allow efficient management of water distribution with low flow sprays for slow speed and high flow sprays that activate as speed increases.

This innovative design ensures consistent water application on haul roads. The spray system also features directionally controlled water cannons, allowing operators to target specific areas accurately for effective dust suppression.

Understanding that water surge control is vital, particularly for larger scale tankers, ATA’s water tanks are equipped with a unique baffling system. This system utilises internal tank walls to create separate compartments, minimising water surge during vehicle motion. All ATA tanker bodies comply with Australian Safety Standards, including AS1657-2018 for tank access and AS/ NZS2865-2009 for confined spaces.

By offering high-quality water tanks tailored to meet the unique demands of mining operations, ATA & Allquip is helping mining companies increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance safety.

Although not designed as an emergency response vehicle, ATA’s water carts can act as primary responders in a crisis. Stationed within the pit area, these trucks are ideally positioned to rapidly address fire emergencies and establish control while awaiting the Emergency Response Team (ERT). Depending on the fire’s nature, the remote-controlled water cannons or sprays can effectively combat the flames.


ATA’s commitment to reliability is evident in their Certified Australian Made products.

Technical Talk

Water & Fuel Trucks

They take pride in their world-class tanks and equipment, which start with the fabrication stage using exclusively Australian-made steel and plate.

Recognising the importance of corrosion protection in the mining industry, they grit blast and line their tanks inside and out with heavy-duty industrial two-pack tank liners.

They finish with a high-gloss, two-pack topcoat paint system, including an additional under-tank coating for stone and muck protection on the tank’s underside.

Their electrical harnesses and components are designed and manufactured to stringent MDG standards, ensuring dependable electrical systems and controls.

ATA’s water carts are designed to be more fuel-efficient, leading to reduced operating costs. This is achieved through advanced technologies such as high-efficiency hydraulic variable pumps and world-class engineering, which minimise power and fuel consumption without compromising performance.

Maintenance is crucial to ensuring longevity and optimal performance of any vehicle, especially in industries like mining and construction. One of ATA’s truck-mounted tank’s noteworthy features is its capacity to be fully raised for maintenance purposes.

When fully lifted, the truck-mounted tank allows easy access to the truck’s undercarriage, simplifying service and repair tasks.

This accessibility allows technicians to perform routine checks and repairs more efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring the truck remains in optimal working condition.

ATA exclusively uses high-quality Australian- made components to ensure longevity and local product support, further guaranteeing their products’ reliability. This high standard of construction allows ATA & Allquip to provide industry-leading warranties.


Engineering and compliance are critical factors in all mining operations. ATA’s engineering team produces weight distribution calculations to ensure that OEM vehicles comply with specifications and are not overloaded.

In addition to weight calculations, centre of gravity (COG) reports are utilised. Determining the centre of gravity is crucial for any water cart, and ATA’s engineers ascertain the location of the COG to ensure equipment safety and identify potential risks.

Operator induction training, conducted by a trained ATA staff member upon equipment delivery, is essential. Operator and risk assessments are supplied with the equipment, and operators are trained and signed off as part of the induction. Products made in Australia are designed and engineered to withstand their harsh environment and comply with standards. Engaging with foreign companies regarding compliance and warranties can be challenging, but opting for Australian- made products assures hassle-free access to the necessary support and service.

ATA & Allquip Product Range

ATA Agora, manufactured by Allquip Water Trucks, offers a range of water tanks and spray systems purpose-built for off-road rigid or articulated trucks. They also construct water trucks with mine spec modifications, designed for companies and worksites that require an on-road licenced tanker.

Off-Road Tankers

ATA’s water tanks and spray systems are designed for heavy-duty civil and mining vehicles and can be fitted to any major rigid or articulated truck brand, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Bell, Volvo, and John Deere.

Water tanks constructed for off-road articu-lated trucks are available in 23,000 or 33,000 litres, while larger rigid trucks can have a capacity of 50,000 or 75,000 litres. These tanker bodies are fitted with a hydraulic system that meets the AS2671-2002 standard, a Southern Cross pump, and adjustable rear spray heads.

Upgraded features, such as precise road delivery allocation or GPS/ telemetry and system monitoring, can be added as required. ATA & Allquip work closely with other renowned manufacturers. Therefore, in addition to Allquip sprays and controls, clients can choose to integrate systems and features from brands such as ADE, Hyden Engineering, and Magnum Australia, aiding in maintaining a uniform fleet.

ATA water tanker bodies are constructed using only reliable, genuine components that are fully backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Every ATA off-road tanker is built by experienced tradesmen and undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance before being delivered to the end-user.

On-Road Tankers

Allquip’s on-road mine spec tankers are adapted from their core range of water trucks. Available with steel, aluminium, or polyethylene water tanks, the cartage capacity of Allquip’s on-road water trucks ranges from 7,700 to 18,000 litres, depending on the required tank material.

These water trucks are fitted with standard features, including galvanised pipework, rear deflector sprays, a hydraulic water pump, and an in-cab control panel. Optional upgrades, such as industrial water cannons, can be added to suit the operating requirements.
Designed specifically for the Australian mining sector, Allquip’s mine spec builds are engineered to meet the client’s requirements as well as mining safety standards. Additional features such as rollover protection, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits are included. With hi-vis marking and custom signage, the new water truck will fit seamlessly into any existing fleet.

Service and Support

ATA Agora & Allquip Water Trucks not only deliver high-quality products but also offer exceptional after-sales service and support.

They understand that customer satisfaction is critical to building long-lasting relationships, which is reflected in their approach to service and support.

Allquip provides a comprehensive range of servicing options, including routine maintenance, repairs, and refurbishments, performed by a dedicated team of experienced and well-trained technicians equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure that every job is done to the highest standard.

Allquip has a vast inventory of replacement parts in stock, and they can quickly source any parts that are not immediately available.

This minimises downtime and ensures that customers can get their equipment up and running again as soon as possible.

Allquip works closely with its customers to ensure that their equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. They provide advice and support on best practices for maintenance and operation, as well as training for customers and their staff.

In addition, Allquip offers a wide range of customisation options to ensure that their products meet the specific requirements of different industries and applications. They can modify tank size, fittings, and features to fit their customers’ needs. Allquip’s commitment to their customers does not end with the sale or servicing of their products.

They continue to support their customers throughout the life of their equipment, providing them with the necessary advice, support, and training they need to keep their equipment running at peak performance.

Capabilities and Experience

ATA & Allquip is based in New South Wales, with the head office and manufacturing facility located in Rutherford.
The company’s team is comprised of experienced trade personnel, including boilermakers, fabricators, body builders, hydraulic fitters, auto-electricians, assembly personnel, foremen, and quality assurance, who work tirelessly to ensure the delivery of high-quality products to clients.

Choosing ATA Agora & Allquip Water

Trucks for your water truck needs means choosing a team of experienced professionals dedicated to meeting your needs and delivering products tailored to your specifications.

Contact ATA & Allquip today to learn more about their products and services and find out how they can help meet your water truck needs.

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