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Total Rockbreaking Solutions - Tech Talk - October 2023

There’s no questioning the impact the right attachment can make when up against challenging applications in mines or quarries. Earthmovers are all too familiar with how to navigate different structures and surfaces, both above and below ground, and the critical role that equipment like rock grinders and cutting heads play in getting the job done.

Whether it’s trenching in hard and compact ground, rock wall and concrete profiling, tunnelling, dredging, demolition, or quarrying, the Simex TF range of Drum Cutters is renowned for its work in finishing operations where high precision, minimum disturbance and aesthetic results are required.

Globally, there is an increasing demand for earthmoving attachments that help operators cut through tougher surfaces more effectively, with the least amount of effort. In situations where conventional excavation systems are too weak and have little effect, Simex Drum Cutters feature a versatile range of drums and teeth for various complex and specialised applications.Total Rockbreaking Solutions - Tech Talk - October 2023-1

Designed with performance and hard rock in mind, Simex drum options include the standard HP drum for deep penetration in hard materials, the GP drum for wall profiling, and the WP drum suited to profiling and finishing works thanks to its larger width.

Multiple tooth geometries are also available, which are specifically designed for working in different materials. The standard tooth supplied is ideal for mixed materials, while other optional teeth allow work in extremely hard materials, or finer profiling work. In mining and quarrying works for example, the Simex TF drum cutter is highly versatile, guaranteeing selective breaking of the rock mass to ensure the wall stability open pit extraction. It increases profitability, producing a crushed material that often doesn’t require further volume reduction by additional equipment or machinery.

Underground Tunnelling

The deep tunnels below ground are typically dusty and abrasive environments. This is certainly the case in Western Australia’s Pilbara region but throw hard rock and limestone into the mix and you end up with the ultimate rock grinding playground.

With mine and operator safety at the forefront, purpose-built attachments and wear resistance are essential in efficient tunnelling work, while maintaining low noise levels low and vibrations.

Simex attachments are no exception. They are the perfect partner in underground gold mine portal expansions, and this was proven by Byrnecut Mining in an underground mine in the West.

The team were faced with soft limestone on a slope, ruling out traditional drill and blast processes as blasting would cause the limestone to fragment and become unstable.

Therefore, a modified version of a Volvo ECR235E excavator was chosen for its lower swing radius and manoeuvrability in tight underground working conditions. A dozer blade was fitted to the back of the excavator to leverage the machine into a level position to help manage the slope incline.

A Simex TF850 drum cutter and dust suppression system were also fitted. Total Rockbreaking Solution (TRS) engineered and modified a section of the excavator arm to accommodate the 360° rotator and the 140° left-right actuator, fitted directly to the machine that met OEM specifications.

The Simex drum cutter helped effectively grind away the soft limestone at the face, while keeping operators comfortable and safe, and noise levels and vibrations to a minimum.

Rock Wall Profiling

When undertaking rock profiling in the Bossarino landfill in the Italian municipality of Vado Ligue, operators looked to major Simex dealer Comai spa in Liguria for an attachment that would meet the demands of the job.

The landfill primarily deals with the disposal of non-hazardous special wastes, the recovery and recycling of materials, and the production of electricity from organic residues.

The rock wall profiling work was required as part of the installation of waterproof geomembranes. Operators needed attachments that were capable of not only crushing rocks, but also achieve precise finishing and enable the correct installation of the geomembranes.

A Simex TF 2100 drum cutter, mounted on a Hitachi ZX350LCN-6, was used for rock wall profiling and earthworks, specifically schist with reduced resistance to excavation due to the high degree of fracturing and weathering. Unlike traditional percussion systems, the Simex TF range combine excellent hydraulic power, generated by the motors in direct drive with the drums, with the selective and controlled breaking of the rock mass. The Simex TF 2100 has an operating weight of 2380 kg, and delivers a nominal power of 120 kW and a cutting force equal to 71 kN.

Quarry Operation

In a flagship South Australian quarry, a Simex TF 3000 drum cutter has lived up to its reputation, delivering a 10 percent increase in yield, and a 20 percent reduction in waste.Simex

The quarry operation produces a wide range of aggregates including rock, rubble and sand for concrete, asphalt, backfill, rail ballast, landscaping and other civil construction applications.

Traditionally, drilling and blasting were used to quarry on fractured rock, however proved an inefficient two-stage process, and in winter when it’s wet, blasting is not possible. There were also issues with first and second grade materials being mixed together, resulting in high wastage.

Overcoming these challenges required the Simex drum cutter, the largest in the range, to further increase production. The drum cutter was attached to a 46-tonne Volvo excavator, and has been operating for more than 18 months in 10-hour shifts every weekday regardless of weather conditions, to ensure keep levels steady at over 300 tonnes per hour.

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