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OPTIME Ecosystem- Schaeffler
The OPTIME Ecosystem – The sensor variants OPTIME 3, OPTIME 5, and OPTIME 5 Ex and gateway for wireless condition monitoring combined with the intelligent, interconnected lubricator OPTIME C1 for automated lubrication.

Industrial mining and manufacturing operations feature a diverse range of critical plant equipment and components that need to be constantly monitored around the clock to avoid any potential shutdown that can lead to costly downtime and maintenance.

Due to the harsh conditions and heavy wear that plant equipment is subject to when production processes are in full swing, the need for intelligent technology that can diagnose and eliminate faults in advance and help facility managers make more informed decisions to improve operational performance.

Global automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler combines smart condition monitoring and lubricant management to form one predictive maintenance solution. It offers intuitive operation via a mobile app to ensure the smooth running of machines and production processes, all while being simple to install and delivering a quick return on investment for entire plants and facilities.

OPTIME Sensor on E-Motor
OPTIME Sensor on E-Motor

The all-in-one solution combines Schaeffler’s OPTIME Condition Monitoring system with the sensor variants OPTIME 3, OPTIME 5, and OPTIME 5 Ex for wireless condition monitoring, as well as the intelligent, interconnected lubricator OPTIME C1 for automated lubrication to form one solution – The OPTIME Ecosystem.

This integrated technology creates a cost-effective predictive maintenance solution, which effectively and sustainably minimises downtime and high maintenance costs in production facilities.

With longstanding expertise in the fields of bearing technology, vibration analysis, lubrication, and product design, Schaeffler’s OPTIME Ecosystem is geared towards the day-to-day tasks of maintenance teams.

The system supports plant operators by offering convenient initial operation thanks to the plug-and-play function whereby hundreds of OPTIME elements can be installed and integrated within a very short time period.

A subsequent expansion can be carried out quickly and reliably at any time. Low investment costs, savings due to reduced machine downtime, and increased efficiency in scheduling maintenance procedures guarantee a rapid return on investment.

According to Schaeffler Australia Head of Industrial, Martin Grosvenor, the OPTIME Ecosystem gives customers 24/7 wireless, high-functioning condition monitoring of their assets, as well as a centralised view of their lubricators.

“The system’s plug-and-play design enables quick and easy setup of the system with no prior knowledge required and has an easy-to-use web and mobile interface that helps interpret data,” said Mr Grosvenor.

“A smart operating concept and the intuitive mobile app with a prize-winning user interface make it easy for users to gain greater visibility of their assets and more control over production processes. It also ensures a high level of acceptance among both beginners and experienced users.

The OPTIME Ecosystem not only supports day-to-day maintenance operations with easy-to-understand warning messages and automatic analysis but helps with the data-based creation of maintenance plans.”

The OPTIME Ecosystem is simple, cost-effective, and scalable. Additionally, the predictive maintenance solution improves the sustainability of facilities by reducing material waste and energy consumption through lower unplanned downtime.

Schaeffler will further develop and add new elements to the OPTIME Ecosystem based on proven success achieved in customer projects across different industrial sectors and applications.Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions

This means the OPTIME Ecosystem will continue to optimise efficiencies and ensure the smooth operation of machines and facilities by providing users with all relevant information at a glance.

Mr Grosvenor highlighted that online condition monitoring has historically been cost prohibitive and cumbersome to setup, maintain, and operate. However, the introduction of technology such as the OPTIME ecosystem has eliminated the complex, expensive infrastructure needed in other systems.

“Simply install the sensors, provision with your device, and the system will do the rest, automatically creating a mesh network and analysing the data. It really is outstanding value, feature rich technology.”

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