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Over three decades in liquid management, a fusion of product innovation, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and unique experience working on iconic projects, have continued to strengthen the liquid specialist’s market offer.

That’s why Coerco have become the go-to specialists for miners, civil engineers, and plumbing contractors, that are searching for innovative ways to solve their water treatment challenges.

Aside from a reputation for market-leading poly tanks, Coerco has made a splash in all aspects of liquid management and storage across both residential and commercial construction.

With customised solutions for process water, potable water, chemicals and waste systems, through to expertise around the installation of septic systems, the company applies expertise to help clients navigate the complex regulations and compliance requirements of infrastructure projects.Coerco

This expertise extends into the area of environmental assessments where Coerco leverages in-depth knowledge and experience to not only ensure the appropriate septic and wastewater treatment systems are used, but strict regulations are adhered to and project deliverables remain on schedule.

Wastewater Treatment

Coerco - Wastewater TreatmentThe acquisition of Aquarius Wastewater Systems (AWS) in 2023 marked the next chapter in the expansion of Coerco’s liquid management capability, particularly in wastewater. The acquisition of a like-minded and mutually passionate liquid specialist was strategically aligned to Coerco’s commitment to both liquid management and environmental protection.

Coerco business development manager Daniel Rignall highlighted that the amalgamation of Coerco and AWS added significant value to its wastewater products and client base.

“By joining forces, our clients now have access to a comprehensive range of products and services, as well as technical support,” said Rignall.

“AWS specialises in wastewater treatment systems for applications in the domestic, commercial and resources sectors. It also offers a distinguished portfolio of products and services that include above and below ground aerobic sewerage treatment systems, sewer transfer stations, greywater recycling systems, and ancillary products.”

Aerobic Treatment Units

Whether above or below-ground, every construction project requires the installation of an effective wastewater treatment system that meets stringent safety, environmental and industry standards.Coerco - tanks_

Coerco’s range of Aquarius Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) are designed to process wastewater from both residential and commercial properties.

These energy efficient, low maintenance commercial-sized wastewater systems are designed to treat wastewater produced from toilets, kitchens, showers, laundries, and in facilities like mining camps, factories, and caravan parks. This allows recycled water to be safely used for irrigating garden beds, orchards, and more, or for dispersal into leach drains, soak wells, and aqua-safe drains.

“Our O-2 NR and O-3 models go a step further by reducing phosphorous and nitrogen levels in the water, making them particularly beneficial for water catchment areas, environmentally sensitive zones, and in meeting local shire regulations,” says Rignall.

“These models are recognised for their nutrient-retentive capabilities, which are critical for environmental conservation. As the most eco-friendly option in our range, the Aquarius O-3 utilises ozone in the final disinfection stage, surpassing chlorine in effectiveness and leaving oxygen as the only by product.”

The below-ground ATUs are available in different sizes ranging from 1.8 to 30 kilolitres, which can be fully customised to suit specific site requirements. They also come in in different materials including poly or Duralen plastic, and concrete tank material. Similarly, the above-ground ATUs are heavy-duty modular tanks that are lightweight, easy to transfer and install.

All ATU models are fully approved by the WA Department of Health and meet AS/ NZS 1546.3 standards.

Insulated Industrial Storage Tanks

Coerco - tanks__

Maintaining proper insulation for liquid storage tanks is critical to safeguard the contents from extreme temperature changes. This is critical in different industries where the integrity and quality of final products relies on liquid processing and storage.

Coerco’s liquid management solutions offer peace of mind, specifically for liquids that need to be stored at a consistent temperature. From small tanks to larger capacity designs, their insulated hexene polyurethane storage tanks are constructed as one-piece without any weak spots. This ensures strength and durability for extended life in tough environments.

Rignall explained the importance of tank insulation and how even the slightest temperature variations can have a significant impact on the quality of the internal contents.

“Insulated tanks minimise heat transfer between the tank’s interior and exterior to maintain a consistent temperature of the stored liquids,” he said.

“They offer several advantages including increased energy efficiency, more stable processing conditions, and greater protection from external environmental conditions. By reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling of the tank’s contents, insulation leads to lower energy consumption, and therefore reduced costs. In chemical manufacturing or food processing where you need to maintain a controlled, precise temperature range to prevent the contents from freezing, insulation helps achieve this stability.”

Beyond maintaining internal temperatures, insulation shields the tank from external factors that can cause condensation or moisture-related corrosion, preserving the tank’s structural integrity over time. It also safeguards personnel by preventing burns from hot surfaces.

There are a number of advanced features that make Coerco’s insulated industrial storage tanks so efficient and ideal for different project applications.

Rignall provided further insight into the coating process. “We apply a specialised polyurethane foam, which is the same product used to insulate refrigerators. It’s applied at any thickness required depending on the usage of the tank, but is generally 50 millimetres thick. A hard protective plastic coating is applied over the top of the foam, then finished with an acrylic top coat.”

The foam adheres to the surface of the tank and stops condensation forming behind the insulation. It’s structural soundness means it can hold itself in place, increasing the life expectancy of the insulation for many years.

“When it comes to the durability of the insulation, as it’s a cellular plastic, it lasts as long as it’s kept out of direct sunlight exposure,” said Rignall.

“The polyurethane foam is a product that has been used in refrigeration insulation for many decades. There’s nothing on the market that will beat it in a practical setting when dealing with hot or cold surfaces.”

The tanks are also chemical and impact-resistant, UV stabilised, and available in a selection of sizes with optional fittings and accessories to meet various project requirements.

For more information, visit https://www.coerco.com.au/

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