Increasing productivity and efficiency for 30 years

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 11 Mar 2014   Posted by admin

NOW more than ever the mining industry is looking at ways to improve its productivity and efficiency to save time and money; the recent spate of cut backs throughout the once booming industry is testament to this trend.

Scantech has been helping its customers do just that. The company is one of the world leaders in on-belt analysis and has been in the forefront of real time technologies for more than 30 years. The company specialises in a number of systems used in the minerals, coal and cement markets and is known to provide the most reliable transmission technologies and lowest maintenance, non-contact design equipment available.

Over the years, Scantech has developed and implemented a quality management system assuring the quality, safety and reliability of its products, production processes and services. In turn the company has helped its customers achieve paybacks within a matter of weeks or months on its systems. It is proud to provide high quality products and professional service to customers by trained and qualified staff to ensure company growth via the application of these new technologies.

Hands on Industry Experience

Recently the company has been involved in designing and performing analyser installations in various environments including elevated conveyors and underground applications. It worked with local fabricators and logistics companies to co-ordinate and manage installations in remote sites, which is becoming an increasing part of its business.

Scantech analysers are specifically designed to achieve four important outcomes including: optimising plant operations using real time process control; eliminating the bulk cost for routine sampling and laboratory analyses; the reduction of the total cost for operations due to improved management of materials and process control, all while keeping companies in full compliance with all local and international regulations.

The company’s overall goal for its clients is to achieve productivity increases and operational efficiencies through the implementation of its technologies with state of the art components, remote access capabilities and customised calibration plans that provide a step change in output, with fast payback and reduced labour requirements on remote sites.

The delivery and quality of service to its customers is a key objective for all Scantech operations. All of its personnel are appropriately qualified, trained and experienced, enabling them to provide customers with consultative product selection advice and a wide range of technical services including installation support, commissioning, calibration, analyser performance optimisation and maintenance of real time analysers.

Scantech helps maximise plant performance opportunities by customising its solutions to achieve optimum results. It has successfully installed advanced online analysers in more than 1000 applications worldwide, which is more than any other company.

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