Leading vacuum pump and system solutions specialist extending its global reach

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 06 Jan 2014   Posted by admin

ENGINEERING company Emtivac is recognised as Australia’s pre-eminent supplier of process vacuum and hazardous gas compression systems, as well as associated product and technology solutions to the process, mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries.
Emtivac’s professional approach to selection, detailed application knowledge and expertise in vacuum pump system design ensures optimum results for each customer’s project.
Although the company is Australia’s leading vacuum pump and system solutions specialist, it continues to grow a strong international client base as its reputation extends across the global.
In April 2013, Emtivac supplied eight liquid ring vacuum pump units worth $2.6 million to a Saudi Arabian alumina refinery. It was also awarded a $3.2 million contract by a Malaysian oil refinery for two liquid ring compressor packages for flare gas recovery.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - Saudi Arabian Alumina Refinery

Emtivac chooses from a wide range of products to design a vacuum pump system – this gives the company great flexibility and the ability to supply systems that are both technically and commercially the best solution for specific needs and industry requirements.
Emtivac is the sole Australian agent for Pompetravaini, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of liquid ring vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors, as well as FPZ – a manufacturer of high quality, efficient and reliable side channel blower.

Liquid Ring Compressor Package

Established in 1928 and 1975 respectively, both Pompetravaini and FPZ are ISO 9001 accredited and have reputations for high quality, efficient and reliable machines. Emtivac supplies and manufactures FPZ side channel blowers and systems up to 3000m³ per hour suction capacity, specialising in hazardous area applications. Its Pompetravaini heavy duty centrifugal process pumps and pump sets are ideal for low net positive suction head (NPSH) applications.
Emtivac also manufactures and supplies liquid ring vacuum pumps up to 70,000 m³/h suction capacity, compressors and systems for all applications, as well as specialising in the refurbishment of liquid ring vacuum pumps of all sizes including fabrication and machining of replacement parts, polyceramic coatings, and stainless steel linings.

Other specialities include engineering design, manufacture and supply of: process vacuum systems and equipment, including inlet gas liquid separators and extraction pump systems; soil remediation MPE and SVE systems; coal seam methane extraction and compression systems; sewage digester gas compression systems; and flare gas recovery compressor systems.
Emtivac is renowned for its unique ability to solve problems that other companies can find too difficult. For new vacuum pumps or systems, pump repairs, upgrades, spare parts or expert technical advice, call the friendly team at Emtivac Engineering on (03) 9768 3240.

For more information visit: http://www.emtivac.com/