Protective coatings tailored to meet Australia’s harshest conditions

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 19 Sep 2013   Posted by admin

FOR more than 75 years, Dulux has supplied heavy duty coatings systems for complete protection against corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion and impact damage. From pit to port, and from off-shore platforms, oil, gas and mining operations and processing, to transport, loaders, wharf piles and structures – Dulux’s range includes products designed specifically to withstand Australia’s vast, harsh regional conditions.
To satisfy the diverse needs of the oil and gas and mining industries, Dulux Protective Coatings’ broad range includes everything from heavy duty inorganic zinc silicate and zinc-rich epoxy primers for long term galvanic corrosion protection, to high build epoxy primers, intermediates and topcoats; impervious chlorinated rubbers, weather resistant epoxy-acrylic and polyurethane topcoats; micaceous iron oxide coatings; and many specialist high performance systems such as polyurea and heat resisting product lines.
The company carries out formulation and development of its products in its world-class laboratories in Victoria, ensuring every item it puts its name to meets the criteria required for operation in chemically and environmentally harsh and diverse conditions.
Local manufacturing and broad distribution from more than 230 outlets across the Australasian region ensures Dulux’s products are available quickly and easily, regardless of where a project is based.
With its extensive product range and a team of vastly experienced, customer-focused support staff, Dulux Protective Coatings provides tailor-made solutions for specifiers, project engineers, facilities managers and applicators. The company provides information on everything from substrate preparation to application methods and maintenance scheduling, ensuring its products are available and functional in even the most uniquely demanding and difficult conditions.
Some of the projects Dulux Protective Coatings protects include the Apache Energy Stag Platform off the WA coast; the Glebe Gypsum Terminal in NSW; the Sydney Harbour Bridge; and the Fosterville gold mine in Victoria.
Dulux Protective Coatings’ technical consultants offer: in-depth consultation services; specification documentation; detailed application specifications; quality assurance guidelines; on-site technical advice; and contractor support. These services can play a significant role in the process of delivering long-term protection to project assets, on time and within budget.
The Dulux Protective Coatings range of products is available across from Dulux Trade Centres, independent trade outlets, and directly from warehouses through local Dulux Protective Coatings consultants.
Dulux Protective Coatings welcomes enquiries by phone, or through the ‘contact us’ section on its website.

Call your local Dulux Protective Coatings Representative or Dulux Customer Service on 13 23 77. Contact us today at

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