Reduced tyre damage with square impact rollers

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 24 Jan 2012   Posted by admin

A number of mining companies throughout Australia are using Broons’ BH-1300MS or BH-1950MS ‘square’ impact rollers to rubbilise’ rock on their mine sites, as a way of improving their tyre management regimes.
Large or sharp rocks can slice through the toughest new tyres, critically damaging them, while smaller rocks can dodge between the tyre’s lugs and eventually penetrate and puncture the tyre. The Broons Mine Specification (MS) impact rollers are
industry-leading designs that minimise haul truck tyre wear by improving the running surface on haul roads, tip heads and pit floors. Primarily designed for deep-layer compaction, Broons’ impact rollers are also
ideal for tailings dams and capping layers on
waste heaps.
Towed by a 270 to 330 horsepower tractor, the impact rollers are available in two configurations – the 1.3 metre-wide, 8t BH-1300MS, or the 1.95 metre-wide 12t BH-1950MS. Both quickly reduce large and sharp-edged rocks, allowing haul trucks to
travel easily without the fear of tyre damage. The cost of a Broons MS ‘square’ impact roller is rapidly recouped through the savings made from improved tyre wear and reduced damage to haul trucks and their tyres. Mining companies that have reduced the size of surface rock and improved haul roads and loading areas with a Broons impact roller have also shown that the use of the unit can contribute to reduced mechanical wear and tear on haul truck suspension and associated components, delivering lower maintenance requirements and a reduction in spare parts costs. Broons is renowned for its commitment to customer service and provides full in-fieldoperator training and service to the industry, backed with comprehensive and prompt parts supply and servicing.

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