VSAT infrastructure for exploration, construction, operation and disaster recovery

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 28 Oct 2013   Posted by admin

ITC Global is a leader in satellite networking solutions for businesses operating anywhere in the world. With hubs located strategically across the globe, backed up by network operations centres in Australia, Switzerland and the US, ITC Global proactively manages customers’ global networks 24 hours per day, seven days per week. ITC Global is the one-stop shop for remote communications and VSAT solutions.

In harsh or isolated environments where conventional communication methods aren’t available, ITC Global shines. The company’s expertise in next-generation networking enables it to provide sophisticated satellite communications in the world’s most difficult regions, providing the lifeline that keeps remote offices connected to decision-makers around the clock and around the globe.

ITC Global has the expertise to manage projects from start to finish. It can handle the challenge of bringing together a client’s systems and technologies into one integrated solution; merging disparate networks onto a single, efficient platform.

ITC Global delivers an end-to-end process:

  • Client Engagement – ITC Global takes the time to understand each client’s technical needs, and the underlying business drivers
  • Design Approach – ITC Global builds a custom Quality of Service (QoS) profile that will ensure the target service levels are met or exceeded
  • Installation and Commissioning – ITC Global believes that a small team of the right people will always outperform a large number of the wrong people
  • Monitoring and Support – Some of the world’s largest resource companies have chosen to rely on ITC Global for their business-critical communications

With more than 16 years experience in designing, building, optimising and supporting satellite-based communication networks, ITC Global is a leader with an extensive reference list. Its mining and oil and gas industry clients include some of the largest iron ore and gold miners, as well as major systems in the Pilbara and Northwest Shelf offshore regions.

ITC Global’s managed service offerings provide the client with visibility into network performance; seamless integration of satellite, wireless and terrestrial networks; more efficient operations as VSAT segments are optimised for each application; consistent quality, performance and user interface across multiple geographies; scalability to deliver increased bandwidth to existing sites and add new sites; and the best combination of technology and cost per megahertz.

For more information visit http://itcglobal.net.au/

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